Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Chapter Two – Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Having got the catalog from Windjammer, (It was now June of 1997) the question became, “which one?” and “when?” This was gonna be my first real vacation in several years. Not having been on a WindJammer before, I didn't really give a rat's patoot which ship we were on! The queen seemed to prefer the smaller vessels and I must confess this appealed to me as well.

flying_cloud2The Queen had been on the Flying Cloud (The Flying Cloud has since been taken out of service by Windjammer. A damn shame because she reminds most people of a ‘Pirate ship’. She was (is) a three masted square Rigger) in a previous life, and wouldn’t mind that itinerary again, but really wanted to do something different.

Being naturally cautious (and living in coastal areas in the South most of my adult life) I did some research on Hurricanes down that way because we wanted to go in the summer and the sooner the better. It was all good!

Yankee ClipperWe finally settled on the Yankee Clipper, which was sailing out of Grenada (Little did we know what a great choice we had made) for the week of August 18, 1997. Hurricanes rarely struck the little island of Grenada in August. But if you didn’t do your research like I had you would not have known that and might have been put off by the fact it was High Hurricane season. Just the same we bought travel insurance.

As the days counted down, I became more and more anxious to get on ‘board the Clipper. My future queen was pretty excited too. I needed an attitude adjustment badly…

We had arranged to do our before and after at the Coyaba on Grand Anse Beach with a layover in Miami on the Thursday night before, arriving in Grenada on Friday.

The room at the airport hotel in Miami was a little hole in the wall. This was a big name hotel, but the name of it, at this point, escapes me. I think they made the room from a former broom closet. Friday rolled around after a sleepless (for me - The Queen slept soundly) night and we boarded the plane for our flight. I had a window seat and was instantly enchanted by the colors of the sea. WOW!!


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